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A secure, integrated and fully configurable compensation management solution that provides the missing piece in your core HR platform.

Furkan Sakar

Furkan Sakar, Product Development

The missing piece in your HR suite

As many organizations undertake HR transformation initiatives, they are realizing the benefits of moving to a cloud-based HR platform. Regardless of the vendor, a reliance on the HR platform for sophisticated compensation has proven to be too restrictive, leading to increased risks and compromises. To ensure that rewards and compensation are managed effectively, a dedicated compensation solution is required.

beqom's total compensation management software connects directly into leading Human Capital Management (HCM) suites, saving the suite approach while also saving the compensation strategy. Secure, integrated, and fully configurable, beqom helps you meet the requirements and complexities that your core HR platform limits.

Our customers integrate beqom directly into their existing HR suite


beqom for Workday®

Large organizations select beqom as a best of breed Total Compensation solution to complement their existing HCM suite environment. beqom's flexible and unified platform, covering all aspects of compensation, closes the compensation process gaps not addressed by HCM suites. beqom for Workday®is enabled by bidirectional built-in connectors, bringing all relevant employee data into beqom, streamlining your HR processes, ensuring transparency, fair pay and regulatory compliance.

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beqom for SAP® SuccessFactors®

As a mission-critical application, compensation deserves and requires a best-in-class solution that serves the business needs, without compromise. When paired with SAP® Successfactors®, beqom’s Total Compensation solution optimizes your digital HR transformation—ensuring that compensation is defined, managed and adapted according to your needs.

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beqom for®

beqom offers a Sales Performance Management data integration package for integration with® and Einstein Analytics®. Our platform helps you gain access to essential sales data, such as quota, territory and commissioning data, from your CRM and ties back strategic objectives to the incentive plans that shape behavior.

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beqom for Oracle®

beqom seamlessly connects with Oracle® Human Capital Management cloud, providing customers with real-time integration of their employee data, performance data and compensation data. Aligning employee data with performance with compensation data is critical for organizations seeking to drive employee motivation and improve retention.

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