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Create and execute the total rewards strategies that win with your workforce, across regions, generations, job type, and through any market changes. beqom gives you a competitive edge in a changing world, with solutions that integrate natively with your HR suite.

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Claudio Carnovali | Product Manager  | beqom

Claudio Carnovali, beqom Product Manager

Craft Inclusive, Forward-Thinking Compensation Strategies

Today's total rewards are anything but one-size-fits-all. Your strategies must now consider flexible and remote work, pay equity, compliance, dispersed workplaces, personalized rewards packages, continual and on-demand rewards cycles, and more.

But relying on your core HR suite for end-to-end compensation management can put your compensation strategy at risk resulting from a loss of functionality, limited process coverage, non-compliance, and unforeseen costs.

beqom's Total Compensation solution helps you address current and emerging requirements and complexities. beqom's integrated and fully configurable compensation cloud platform integrates natively with Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM, and other common HR suites, enabling you to manage the reward of your people without compromise.

Total Compensation Management Software - beqom

Lead, align and motivate your employees

Streamline compensation processes, cut costs, aid compliance, reduce errors, and provide operational and strategic agility.

Performance Management | Total Compensation | beqom

Performance Management

Boost employee productivity by setting realistic and motivating goals in line with your organization’s strategy. Make better and smarter decisions with a transparent and aligned 360° performance, pay and rewards structure. Calibrate any performance outputs.

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Salary Management | Total Compensation Management | beqom

Salary Management

Manage salary reviews globally while adhering to local guidelines and policies. Budget, benchmark and track all salary processes and associated costs in one platform. beqom provides comprehensive salary views for HR, Finance, Managers and Employees.

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Bonus Management | Total Compensation | beqom

Bonus Management

Define, model, simulate and set-up your own bonus schemes, in line with corporate and regulatory guidelines. Provide transparent and fair bonus plans to achieve optimal performance-to-reward balance for both organization and employee.

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Long Term Incentives and Bonus Deferral | Total Compensation Management | beqom

Long Term Incentives and Bonus Deferral

Transform the complex exercise of deferring bonuses over multiple risk profiles, performance metrics, years and instruments into a simple process. Track and visualize the data and history of your bonus deferral processes and associated accrued monthly expenses.

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Executive Compensation Management

To attract the right leaders, executive compensation and rewards packages not only have to be designed to be attractive, competitive and fair, but they must also be strictly in line with the organization's objectives while being compliant with internal and external regulations.

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Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting | Total Compensation Management | beqom

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

beqom enables you to comprehensively plan headcount, budgets and forecasts based on past, current and future data. The platform provides an iterative budgeting process across all countries and populations.

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Analytics and Reporting | Total Compensation Management | beqom

Analytics and Reporting

Powerful, end user driven reporting & ad-hoc analysis in real-time against all compensation, reward and benefit data across the organization. Produce board level forecast, spend and accrual reports for board levels, HR teams and finance teams.

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Individual Compensation Planning

Get top results from your people by bringing a holistic total rewards perspective to each employee. See employees in the context of total rewards and tailor a compensation package that will bring out the best in them and keep them excited about producing results for your organization.

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Equal pay and transparency

Gain trust and attract a diverse workforce through fair pay and transparency. Measure total compensation across factors like gender, age, and race to see where gaps exist. Then create reports that produce actionable intelligence of how to remedy the issues.

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The Power to Embrace the Future of Rewards

We help you define clear role-to-strategy links to ensure constant alignment. With beqom, you'll see:

  • Improved Performance

Happy employees are motivated and committed, driving greater efficiency and productivity

  • Increased Efficiency

Process centralization & automation leading to significant reductions in time and costs spent on process administration while providing a clear picture of all compensation and performance elements

  • Increased Retention

Employees have a clear picture of their total compensation, how their performance is linked to their compensation, and if it is fair

  • Compliance

Internal & external process compliance, transparency, and auditability, protecting them from costly regulatory fines (ASC 606, CRDIV, SEC)

Happy Clients

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“beqom was the only provider that could meet our needs: a single, integrated compensation management system deployed globally that enables us to centralize our processes while maintaining flexibility locally.”

—Robert Gerdes, Vice President of Compensation and Benefits, CNH Industrial


Success Story

Leveraging beqom’s Total Compensation Management software, CNH Industrial now provides its employees with a clear picture of the link between performance and compensation, while ensuring fairness, transparency and compliance in compensation.


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