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Optimized total compensation

Better rewards. Better company.

Easily align your organization’s rewards with its goals and culture, giving employees what they need while optimizing the top and bottom lines — all without spreadsheets. 

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Trusted by the world’s leading enterprises

reduction in annual overpayments
reduction of manual spreadsheets
IT infrastructure consolidation
Increase in retention through transparent total comp statements

There’s more than one way to compensate your people

beqom provides all the flexibility you need to unlock the potential of your people 
with the right compensation strategy.

Transparent. Fair. Compliant.


Salary Management

Manage salary reviews globally while adhering to local guidelines and policies. Budget, benchmark, predict pay, and track all salary processes and associated costs in one platform. beqom provides comprehensive salary views for HR, Finance, managers, and employees.

Bonus Management

Define, model, simulate, and set-up your own bonus schemes, in line with corporate and regulatory guidelines. Provide transparent and fair bonus plans to achieve optimal performance-to-reward balance for both organization and the employee.

Long-Term Incentives & Bonus Deferral

Transform the complex exercise of deferring bonuses over multiple risk profiles, performance metrics, years, and instruments into a simple process. Track and visualize the data and history of your bonus deferral processes and associated accrued monthly expenses.

Pay Equity Management

Apply advanced analytics and machine learning to uncover and prevent unexplained pay gaps and ensure fair pay, reduce unwanted attrition, and support compliance. Identify at-risk employees and simulate the budget impact of remediation actions at the employee level to close the pay gap.
pay influence factors

beqom Pay Predictor

Based on ML capabilities, beqom Pay Predictor helps you run any compensation prediction scenario for merit increase, promotion, transfer, or new hires to make more informed and accurate pay decisions and ensure unintended bias is removed from the process.

Executive Compensation Management

To attract the right leaders, executive compensation and rewards packages not only have to be designed to be attractive, competitive, and fair, but they must also be strictly in line with the organization's objectives while being compliant with internal and external regulations.

Continuous Performance Management

Align rewards with performance in real-time to strengthen the link between results, feedback, and rewards. Provide continuous total rewards to support continuous performance management, rewarding ongoing achievements throughout the employee performance journey.

Workforce Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

beqom enables you to comprehensively plan headcount & staff cost, budgets, and forecasts based on past, current and future data. The platform provides an iterative budgeting process across all countries and populations.

Sales Performance Management

Define, simulate, and implement sales incentive plans, objectives, sales contests, and non-cash awards using built-in ML capabilities. Leverage our flexible, business-user-driven rules engine allowing for huge amounts of performance data and sales transactions to be converted into earnings and payments in no time.

Pay Scales and Pay Ranges

Ensure competitive and transparent pay by easily defining pay scales, personalized by country, job, grade, level, seniority, etc. Leverage market data or internal peer positioning. Use modeling capabilities to compare several pay scale scenarios.
pay ranges

Benchmarking Management

Produce accurate job offers aligned to market trends and internal peer group positioning. Define benchmarking plans and map to survey data with smart job matching. Import survey data, produce market midpoints by job, grade, and level, and calculate compa-ratios to help you identify employees at risk of being underpaid.

Promotion Management

beqom helps you to manage your internal promotion and transfer cycles across the organization,  fully integrated within your compensation planning framework. Managers can access the information needed to make objective decisions based on both performance data and employee characteristics and attributes. Unstructured data like feedback from employees, their managers, and peers can be leveraged and even quantified as part of the promotion process.
beqom Data Drivers

Unified data for better decisions 

Data quality and integrity is built into the beqom platform. Delivering you data you can trust.

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Connect directly to your HCM suite

Connect your HCM with beqom and achieve better compensation data quality for the insights you need. beqom works with all the major HR suites. Bring in employee and historical data from your HCM and unify it with benchmark, financial, and performance data to automate your compensation processes and deliver a better employee experience. 

By enhancing your HCM with beqom's best-of-breed compensation management, you get:

  • Compensation your way, without system limitations
  • More accuracy, less manual effort, less risk
  • Data you can trust, for better decisions

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beqom STUDIO

Optimize your comp strategy with confidence

beqom Studio gives you the ease-of-use, visibility, and control necessary to ensure fairness and compliance. No more spreadsheets and complexity. 

Automated. Flexible. Real-time

  • Builder
  • Planner
  • Passport

HR Builder

Build the right plan informed by your pay strategies

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  • Build a view of overall company plans
  • See workflow status
  • Track budget as it’s allocated
Easily manage
  • Reward data and parameters
  • Status and rollup of outcomes 
  • No need to export to Excel
Predict & run
  • Run simulations with different variables to see impact on the compensation budget


beqom Total Rewards Statement

Generate trust and engagement with transparency

 beqom always-on Total Rewards Statements deliver transparent, clear, and drillable details for employees. 

beqom Analytics

The best insights are with the right data

Understand more about your workforce and how to optimize your pay strategies. With complete data and insights you can trust, you can significantly reduce risk, improve performance, and make your people happy.

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Better together

Boost your pay strategy optimization with compensation + performance. Effortlessly align performance results, feedback, and rewards. Reward ongoing achievements throughout the employee performance journey.

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