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Fairness and transparency for every employee


Fairness and high performance from day one

Compensation and performance management is not just a process or a one-time event but rather continuous along the employee’s journey.

If any part of the employee journey data is lacking, the entire pay and performance strategy can fail to achieve its ultimate goal of keeping high-performing employees productive and satisfied while managing overall costs and compliance.


Why data clarity matters

We believe optimized, fair and competitive pay strategies start with data quality and clarity.  Bringing all the data inputs and moments of the employee journey into one unified view for better decision-making. 

The beqom difference

Only beqom provides a purpose-built flexible compensation management platform that provides unified data with AI-enabled and analytics-driven solutions to manage complex compensation structures and the entire performance journey.

“One thing that really impressed me about beqom: they understood our strategy and where Lowe’s was moving and were talking to us about how they were going to deliver what we needed in the future. And they delivered.”
Holly Toth, vice president, HR Operating Systems, Lowe’s

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