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Compensation copilot for AI-driven automation

beqom Pay Intelligence leverages AI Machine Learning (ML) for real-time, data-driven pay recommendations to attract and retain top talent, ensuring fairness and cost-efficiency

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ML-driven smart comp recommendations to remove bias in everyday pay decisions

beqom’s embedded ML capabilities let you run any prediction scenario and generate compensation recommendations for merit increases, promotions, or recruitment, or identify unexplained pay gaps.

beqom Pay Predictor

Based on AI ML capabilities, beqom Pay Predictor helps you run any compensation prediction scenario based on historical data and industry benchmarks, using built-in best practice multi-variant regression models.

Used in conjunction with beqom’s Pay Management solutions, beqom Pay Predictor can assist in making 

  • Precise, automated pay recommendations
  • Generate smart pay ranges
  • Enable managers to run cost vs budget scenario models
  • Built-in pay equity impact assessment
  • Remove unintended bias and guesswork from decision making
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beqom BYOM: Put the power of ML in your own hands

beqom’s “Bring Your Own Model“ (BYOM) capability lets you use your own regression-based machine learning (ML) pay prediction models to run intelligent pay recommendations within the beqom compensation system.

With beqom BYOM, your data scientists and IT professionals can use your own models to determine a fair, consistent, and competitive pay range for each employee.

  • Import, design and train your own proprietary models 
  • Dedicated model managment interface
  • Supports multiple models for different business scenarios
  • Analyze model efficiency, publish, and run the models in real-time 
  • Model outputs are directly integrated into beqom’s Pay Management solutions

Automated Recommendations

Automated recommendations help streamline the compensation process, reduce bias, and ensure that employees are fairly and equitably compensated

Receive valuable insights on key aspects of compensation

  • Salary benchmarking — Analyze salary data for similar roles in the market and suggest appropriate salary ranges
  • Performance-based compensation — Help identify high-performing employees who are eligible for bonuses, merit increases, or promotions based on their performance metrics
  • Equity awards — Analyze an employee's tenure, performance, and potential future contributions to the organization and suggest appropriate equity awards
  • Compliance — Help ensure that compensation decisions are in compliance with various regulations, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Equal Pay Act, etc.

Why use beqom BYOM for enterprise pay prediction?

For large organizations, being able to run pay prediction models within the compensation system has distinct advantages over traditional predictive methods:

  • No data integration - all employee and market benchmark data is already available in beqom
  • Handles large organization complexity - run unlimited models against current organisations data structure
  • Data privacy, security & compliance - models are run directly on beqom's platform
  • Cost saving

Putting powerful MRA technology to work for you

Multivariate regression analysis (MRA) is favored by data scientists for pay prediction due to its ability to incorporate multiple variables simultaneously and provide quantitative estimates of variable impact. ML-powered compensation recommendations allow organizations to attract and retain talent by offering competitive and fair compensation packages, thereby enhancing employer brand reputation and driving business success in a competitive job market.

We harness the power, you get the benefit.



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