beqom for Oracle®

beqom connects seamlessly with Oracle® Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud, closing any gaps in your HR and Sales compensation modules, without sacrificing your HR software suite approach.

Large organizations select beqom as a best of breed total compensation management software solution to complement their existing HCM suite environment. beqom's flexible and unified platform, covering all aspects of compensation, closes the compensation process gaps not addressed by HCM suites. beqom for Oracle®is enabled by bidirectional built-in connectors, bringing all relevant employee data into beqom, streamlining your HR processes, ensuring transparency, fair pay and regulatory compliance.

Why beqom for Oracle®?

  • Unified compensation platform - beqom is the only unified total compensation platform and can easily address compensation complexity and variance not addressed by HCM suites.
  • No compromise approach to compensation management - beqom does not force you to fit your compensation strategy into a pre-defined module or template, causing many gaps in your processes.
  • Proven compensation expertise - beqom has the largest compensation focused tech team worldwide and has never failed a project.
  • Integrated analytics - beqom's unified approach to compensation management, enables Human Resources teams to unlock the full value of analytics by combining performance data, compensation data and any other employee attributes across the organization.
  • Compensation compliance - beqom's unified platform enables complete audit trail of all compensation and performance related data.

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Data integration with Oracle® Human Capital Management or other source/target systems is supported via API, SSIS or Azure Data Factory.

Success Story


beqom for Oracle® at an automotive and transportation company

Driven by compliance and operational efficiency, a large automotive and transportation company was looking to consolidate all compensation on one single platform. As a result, they decided to implement beqom alongside Oracle® HCM cloud, as part of  a global HR transformation.