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beqom offers a Sales Performance Management data integration package for seamless integration with® and Einstein Analytics®. Our platform helps you gain access to essential sales data, such as quota, territory and commissioning data, from your CRM and ties back strategic objectives to the incentive plans that shape behavior.

beqom enables the management of Sales Performance within your entire SFA process by integrating directly with the CRM system, where your sales teams and leaders are present every day.

We provide our customers direct access to Sales Performance Management (SPM) data for analysis, to integrate with other solutions without compromising the integrity and performance of their SPM solution. Rather than relying on manual processes and flat file transfers, we offer API-level integration and advanced tagging and markup to provide the context required by other applications.

With API-level integration between beqom and® CRM:

  • Sales reps can see how their opportunity forecast and closed deals map to quota attainment and pay—both actual and forecasted—and track updates in® in real-time throughout the day.
  • Sales Operations Analysts can augment opportunities with custom attributes from ICM to bring new power to Einstein Analytics insights and uncover hidden patterns related to incentives and predictors of performance.
  • SPM administrators can identify predictors of sales performance, uncover hidden patterns and align incentive plans and performance programs accordingly.
  • Companies can incorporate advanced territory mapping capabilities that unlock the full potential of Sales Performance Analytics, while still carrying water for the performance and pay plans that reinforce sales team performance.
  • Companies can align goal attainment within® and inform team management and field team members with updated information on how they are tracking against their objectives, while there is still time and opportunity to make adjustments that can affect the business.

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Data integration with® or other source/target systems is supported via API, SSIS or Azure Data Factory.

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beqom for®

Pages Jaunes is a French company specializing in providing local advertising. Pages Jaunes began a salesforce transformation as its business model transitioned from paper to digital. To address these challenges Pages Jaunes selected beqom’s Sales Performance Management solution, giving them the ability to support their complex sales strategies without compromise. beqom integrated with® to retrieve sales data.

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