Performance Management and Calibration

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Keep your employees motivated by setting clear goals in line with your organization’s strategy.

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Performance Management is an essential process for all large enterprises globally. Leverage beqom to set objectives, measure achievements, and link personal development and reward or any kind of recognition to how your people and organization are performing.

beqom allows you to integrate performance management into your Total Compensation and rewards solution, resulting in a direct relationship between performance and reward.

Performance Management and Calibration

beqom supports a total performance management process, end-to-end. By setting objectives and communicating achievements, employees understand what is expected from them, how they are performing and how their personal contribution impacts the performance of their team, division or group.

Our platform provides transparency across your organization to find out who your top performers and high potentials are. beqom supports the entire process of performance calibration—based on any criteria and based on any rating scales. You can visualize calibration results via graphical reporting or display them in a matrix with drill down options to compare specific departments and employees.

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Using beqom for performance management and calibration helps you:

  • Provide a transparent and aligned 360° performance process integrated into your pay and rewards structure.
  • Ensure a consistent and fair evaluation process—excluding the possibility of manager bias.
  • Implement measurable evaluation criteria with clear communication.
  • Establish a continuous feedback culture from peers and managers.
  • Support an objective calibration and recalibration process aligned with merit increase guidelines.

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Providing employees with a clear picture of the link between performance and their personal objectives, ensuring fairness and transparency across the compensation process.

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CNH Industrial

Centralized global control and governance over HR and Sales processes resulting increased revenue and forecast accuracy.

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“beqom was the only provider that could meet our compensation needs. We needed a single, integrated compensation management system deployed globally, that enables us to centralize out compensation processes whilst still maintaining flexibility at the local level.”

Robert Gerdes, Vice President of Compensation and Benefits at CNHi