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A Platform You Can Trust

beqom is designed to take full advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform to scale, perform, and meet global compliance requirements


How our platform meets enterprise-scale security requirements

Engineered for The Enterprise Cloud

beqom offers global scale and high availability, enabling our solution to be flexible and reliable to meet the security, compliance, and data residency requirements of global organizations.

Security is a critical factor when selecting compensation and performance management software. beqom’s platform can comply with federal and international banking regulations.

Microsoft Azure Security

beqom uses Microsoft Azure to power its Total Compensation solution—leveraging Azure SQL Database, Azure Storage, Azure App Service, Azure Security Center, and Azure Cloud Services for web and worker roles.

With beqom’s solution, organizations can manage all compensation requirements in a centralized framework for transparency, accuracy, and control and still have the flexibility to adapt to any global or local compensation requirement.


As a fully multi-tenant application, all content on the beqom platform is maintained centrally and backed-up within a change management methodology, and there is no downtime for backups.

Redundancy/ Failover

Data in the beqom platform is always replicated to ensure durability and high availability, meeting the beqom SLA even with transient hardware failures.

Our standard offering maintains three copies of data to provide high availability and redundancy within a single facility in a single region to protect customer data from hardware failures.