Our mission is to make your people happy.
To achieve this, we help you deploy and manage the required performance and reward processes with our cloud platform.

If you are looking to address performance and rewards needs in a complex organization, looking at beqom makes sense as your requirements probably lay at the center of our core expertise.
After you have established the solution fits with your requirements, success becomes dependent on the people you are engaging with.

At beqom, we directly link our success with the success of our customers. This culture is our #1 asset and is driven by 3 beliefs:

1.    We do what’s right for our customers.

An example is the launch mid-2014 of the SaaS 2.0 beqom "Success Included" annual fee. This eliminated any services costs on top of our annual SaaS fee. Given the multiple benefits this provides to our customers, this was clearly the right thing for them, although it has a short-term negative impact on beqom’s Balance Sheet. As entrepreneurs, who control the ownership of the company, we believe doing what’s right for the customer now is the right thing to do for beqom in the longer run.

2.    We are with you for the long run.

beqom is not only a solution for your current compensation needs. It is a compensation platform designed to also address the requirements you have not identified yet. And because the platform is in the hands of the business users, many more requirements will be quickly addressed with the same beqom platform.

3.    We make our customers successful, one at a time.

After 100 or so customers, we continue to treat each customer as if it was our first one. As a result, our customers have the full attention of our organization at every stage of our relationship.

Our core expertise, our platform and our culture will make your project successful, in turn leading to
all the benefits of making your people happy.