beqom aligns with leading compensation and sales performance partners that can best advise its customers on compensation strategies while being able to deploy a large scale Total Compensation solution and master beqom’s unique SaaS technology.

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Francois D'Haegeleer, beqom Head of Business Development

Francois D'Haegeleer, beqom Head of Business Development

Our Approach to Partnerships

beqom partners with companies who can help our customers transform their businesses through total compensation management automation, enabling them to optimize costs, attract, retain, and effectively align talent with their business strategy, while complying with audit and regulatory requirements.

We offer a proven methodology and progressive certification process to guarantee our partners will maintain the 100% project success rate beqom has always achieved for its customers.

Trusted Partners

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“beqom provides a highly competitive solution for advanced compensation management, especially where management is complex, that complements wider HCM solutions. Deloitte can offer a global end-to-end implementation that makes our mutual clients' compensation management both more efficient and reliable in a cloud-based environment.”

— Peter Devlin, Partner, Benefits & Compensation, Deloitte Consulting GmbH


Strategic Business Partners

Strategic Business Partners are consulting firms that can advise you on your global total rewards strategy, work closely with C-Level executives, and help position relevant technologies based on your total rewards strategy and requirements.

Strategic Business Partners are typically responsible for all aspects of the project, from transformation advisory services and business requirements to implementation and launch.

To guarantee our customers’ success, Strategic Business Partners employ beqom Strategic Technical Partners if they do not yet qualify as Strategic Technical Partners.


Strategic Technical Partners

Strategic Technical Partners have beqom-certified individuals in all of technical and project management roles necessary to deliver a beqom project autonomously, combined with a proven track record of successful end-to-end project delivery.

Strategic Technical Partners are able to manage all aspects of a beqom project, with experienced and trusted client executives and beqom architects in addition to their beqom certified technical consultants. They are a true extension of beqom.



Technical Partners

Technical Partners provide experienced, certified technical consultants to implement beqom projects.


“We began partnering with beqom almost five years ago in response to growing demand from global businesses for a comprehensive compensation management solution. With beqom’s flexible cloud platform, GGS delivers no-compromise Total Reward strategies for our customers, driving greater efficiency and competitiveness, with a 100% success rate.”

—Bartek Podolski, Co-Founder & CEO, GGS IT Consulting


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beqom understands that as consultants and advisors it is critical that you provide your customers with resources and tools to help them build and grow their businesses—and we are here to help you do that.

Contact us to learn how to become a beqom partner and deliver unprecedented success to your clients in Total Compensation Management.

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