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beqom works as hard as you do to drive business success through strategic performance and rewards, whether you’re in HR, Finance, Sales, or IT.

beqom drives strategic business impact while reducing costs and increasing productivity for different roles in your organization.

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Managing your organization’s compensation via spreadsheet is so 1980s. beqom brings your performance and rewards optimization programs into the modern era, handling the compensation management intricacies that your current HR tech suite isn’t equipped to address. HR teams need a comprehensive, integrated, and configurable compensation cloud platform that enables you to attract, engage, and retain top talent while ensuring fair pay. With beqom, you can empower your workforce with consistent objectives for increased motivation. 

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beqom was the only provider that could meet our compensation needs. We needed a single, integrated compensation management system deployed globally, that enables us to centralize our compensation processes while still maintaining flexibility at the local level.
Robert Gerdes, Vice President of Compensation and Benefits, CNH Industrial