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If you’ve undergone an HR transformation initiative recently, you may have discovered that relying on your core HR platform for compensation has been too restrictive, requiring you to compromise on how you manage compensation. As a “best of breed” Total Compensation solution, beqom can address the requirements and complexities that your HR suite is unable to meet. beqom provides a comprehensive, integrated and fully configurable compensation cloud platform that integrates directly into your HR suite. Enabling you to manage the reward of your people without compromise.

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How does beqom solve your challenges in HR?

Engage, attract and retain top talent by designing competitive and fair compensation packages. Identify pay gaps and configure your compensation plans on the fly to ensure your employees are paid fairly and aligned with company objectives and results.

beqom’s Total Compensation view helps you ensure fair-pay across your organization’s diverse workforce. We close the gender pay-gap and empower your workforce with consistent and engaging objectives for improved efficiency and increased motivation.

Leverage our analytics capabilities to make sound decisions and gain real-time insights—improving employee engagement, increasing retention and reducing incentive bias. beqom offers a single source of truth with strategic reports and dashboards for your executives to instantly see which metrics are driving performance and growth.

With beqom, you don’t have to rely on IT for every change. You can change objectives and compensation strategies easily and quickly to adapt to market challenges.

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beqom was the only provider that could meet our compensation needs.

We needed a single, integrated compensation management system deployed globally, that enables us to centralize our compensation processes while still maintaining flexibility at the local level.”

Robert Gerdes, Vice President of Compensation and Benefits at CNHi cnhi logo


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What you can do What you get
Plan set-up Centralized process control with local flexibility
Top-down simulation communication & collaboration Simulate, implement, and measure plan or process changes
Calculation management Strategic company-wide reporting & analysis moving HR from administrative to strategic
Organization-wide reporting Analyze compensation spend and  performance drivers across your organization
Compensation Automation  Automate your compensation management approach for all populations

Bespoke solution for your compensation management:

Lots of flexibility to fit your organisation structure and processes.


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