Analytics and Reporting

Sales Performance Management

Powerful, end-user driven reporting and ad-hoc analysis in real time against all sales models, incentive data, and plans.

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Introducing a powerful analytics capability to Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions can bring many benefits, but it requires a thoughtful strategy and a bit of preparation to realize them. beqom enables you to integrate analytics to your SPM strategy and review how well your incentive costs line-up against revenue and profit margins across segments, sales teams, and geographies—helping you determine the ROI for incentive compensation.

Analytics and Reporting

With beqom’s analytics and reporting capabilities you can drill down and analyze plan performance, payout, cost, distribution, fairness and effectiveness. Our rule based AI enables plan owners to test plan elements (KPIs) against hard business outcomes and historical data to identify possible areas for improvement.

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Using beqom for SPM analytics and reporting helps you:

  • Enable macro and micro-level reporting with drill down to individual transaction level results.
  • To provide rep based reporting and dashboards with real time performance analysis.
  • To test your plans for unintended pay bias.
  • To provide report based audit trails and approval workflows.
  • To manage and follow-up on disputes in a timely manner.
  • To analyze return on incentive investment coverage. 

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TIM is now able to make modifications to its incentive compensation plans and respond in real time to competitive shifts in the market.

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CNH Industrial

Centralized global control and governance over all HR and sales performance management processes resulting increased revenue and forecast accuracy.

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“We chose beqom because the capabilities of the platform were aligned with our needs. Our sales teams are now able to manage all types of commissions in the system, without the help of the IT department.”

Vincenzo Borrelli, Head of Operational Incentives, TIM