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Survey Data Reports

Employer Survey

2024 State of Pay Equity Report

Brand new! Available as from June 27th!

We surveyed 874 salary and compensation decision-makers across the US and UK on their compensation practices, policies, and approaches to pay equity, with breakouts by industry. The results show that while pay equity is seen as important for recruitment, retention, and compliance, company preparedness varies widely.
Coming soon (June 27)

Employee Survey

Leveling the Paying Field

A Look at the Gender Pay Gap and Other Compensation Trends

Our report surveyed 2,000 active employees in the US and the UK to get a sense of their experiences and perspectives on the gender pay gap in their respective markets, as well as total compensation, and pay transparency. We dissect the data to see how answers varied by both genders and generations.
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Employee Survey

Compensation and Culture Survey

Rethink Pay Strategies for a Changing Workplace

Our Compensation & Culture Report uncovers how employee attitudes are changing and how employers can adapt to attract and retain talent. We surveyed 2,000 active employees in the US and the UK to get a sense of their experiences and perspectives on: total compensation, work-life balance, transparency, and benefits, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives.
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Thought Leadership

Rewarding the Moments that Matter

How to Build a High-Performance Culture

Times have changed, and old ways of managing performance and rewards can be obstacles that stand in the way of top performance. Technology that is based on a new employee-centric model, using innovative reward strategies, can help you move your business to the next level. This thought leadership eguide can help you to remove the roadblocks to a high-performance culture.
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The Pay Equity Playbook

A Strategic Approach to HR

What do employees think about efforts to improve the gender pay gap? How much do pay transparency and equality efforts really affect employee loyalty and retention? What employer actions are valued most by workers? Find the answers to these and other questions to learn how best to approach pay equity in your organization.
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Paving the Way to Equal Pay

Mastering job classification for fair compensation structures

Job classification is the way an organization defines what employee qualities or qualifications it considers important for each job. It is also a key component of equal pay analysis, which is a major early step in the pay equity journey. In this guide, we present the three main job classification approaches, as well as their upsides, downsides, and nuances.
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