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2 min to readMonday, April 1, 2024

Honoring the Companies Most Admired for HR

Written by: Jeff YoderReviewed by: Tanya Jansen

beqom is proud to have a number of our clients included in the top 20 “most admired for HR” companies, as compiled by Korn Ferry and Human Resource Executive, starting with #1 most admired, DHL Group. Among the other standouts are L’Oreal at #12 and PepsiCo at #16. DHL Group catapulted from #292 last year to #1 in the current rankings, surpassing last year’s leader, Apple (now at #2).

We believe it is a testament to their people-first cultures, forward-looking vision, and strategic use of technology.

Each of these companies has been known to implement solutions that are best in breed for a given need, resulting in an HR stack that delivers optimum functionality, efficient automation, and a top-notch user experience. 

HR Visionaries

It often takes vision and determination to find and implement the best solutions, as there can be pressure to adhere to a more simplistic IT approach such as trying to use an HR suite to handle everything, patching together in-house tools, or relying on the old ways in Excel. Yet when it comes to compensation, these approaches inevitably result in many compromises and limitations.

For those who do have the vision to hold out for the best solutions, the results can be highly rewarding, as these “most admired” ratings show. 

HR as a Strategic Player

These companies are living proof that HR can be a key strategic player in a company. As Mark Royal of Korn Ferry noted, the top-ranked companies emphasize culture as a driver of success.

Many of the most admired companies have elevated HR to a strategic operating function that plays a leading role in guiding the business. In a people-driven economy, it’s little wonder that HR has a large role to play. As the HR Executive article notes, for instance, Morgan Stanley turned HR into an “operating function with real influence in strategy and guidance in business management, notably moving the former head of wealth management and institutional client coverage to lead HR.” The outcomes of that work were among the factors that pushed its ranking from 189 to 19 between 2022-23.

HR-driven companies know that talent is key to success and that compensation is a key strategic differentiator in attracting the best talent. Proof in point: all of the beqom client companies in the top 20 were noted for their ability to “attract, develop, and keep talented people.” And, all have seen fit to employ best-of-breed compensation software to enable a comprehensive global rewards strategy.

We applaud all of these forward-thinking companies, and their HR leaders and teams, for their commitment to HR excellence. They have not only recognized the strategic role of HR, they have had a positive impact on the employee journey for millions of workers worldwide.

For more information on how a dedicated compensation platform can support HR excellence at your organization, contact us at beqom. 

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