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Sales Commissioning: How to Achieve SPM Automation to Boost Your Sales Results

Managing Sales Commissioning processes through siloed applications is common for organizations dealing with simple incentives. As companies grow and evolve over time, a more efficient approach to SPM is necessary in order to manage the numerous incentive plans, advanced metrics, and changing market conditions. This requires a fully automated SPM platform that integrates all your data in one place to manage different sales channels and dealers.

TIM, a leading Italian Telco with over 60 000 employees, were faced with a similar challenge of operating through siloed applications. In order to reduce sales force complaints and manual calculation errors stemming from disjointed processes, the organization needed to align performance with company objectives across a varied set of channel partners and salespeople.

Leveraging beqom’s platform, TIM transitioned to an integrated performance and compensation solution, taking their sales commissioning from Excel & Access to a centralized platform designed to automate their multi-channel SPM processes.

SPM automation has enabled TIM to:

  • Improve loyalty and motivation
  • Empower business users to define and implement plan changes
  • Improve market competitiveness by paying their sales and dealers on time and correctly

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