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beqom Announces Latest Enhancements to its Compensation Management Capabilities

NYON, SWITZERLAND—beqom, a provider of cloud-based compensation management software, has announced its latest product enhancements, reflecting beqom’s continuous improvement product strategy, and including customer centered enhancements to compensation functionality, performance, user experience, analytics, and modeling.

Among the compensation specific updates are enhanced capabilities for compensation planning, advanced currency management, and enhanced support for global compliance. Along with “always faster” performance enhancements, advances in the user experience include improved mobile dashboards and production quality “beautiful reporting” available to all users. beqom’s ad hoc modeling capabilities are continuously enhanced to put reporting and analysis in the hands of the business user and support better decision making at all levels of the organization.

“Our continuous release process aims for innovation without disruption,” according to Sébastien Baehni, beqom Chief Technology Officer. “Delivering new features continuously is key for making the jobs of managers and compensation teams easier, especially when things are changing so fast these days. That enables companies to operate more efficiently and leaders to make better decisions.” 

beqom’s cloud-based compensation management software caters to the needs of enterprises who demand the most from their compensation strategy, providing efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, security, and compliance in the management of a company’s total rewards. Companies use beqom to drive employee performance, reduce risk, optimize costs, and ensure fair and competitive rewards to attract and retain talent. 

The new features and enhancements reflect beqom’s commitment to providing best-in-class compensation management to engage and empower a changing workforce, while continuously improving usability and performance for employees, managers, and HR. All of these enhancements are available today in beqom version 10. 

Recognized as a leader in providing the capabilities needed to manage complex global compensation strategies, beqom’s software is proven to scale to meet the needs of some of the world’s largest enterprises.

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