Employee Expectations in Hiring

Rethinking Compensation Strategies to Attract Talent in the 2021 Job Market

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Our 2021 survey confirms it: job seekers have very different expectations since the pandemic

80% of Americans expect their employers to allow them to work remotely multiple days a week, and in fact 65% would be willing to a pay cut to work remotely. These and other findings show how the pandemic has upended the way Americans work, and suggest ways that employers can leverage compensation and benefits to attract and retain the talent they need at time when unfilled job openings are at an all time high.

In July of 2021, beqom surveyed 1000 job seekers in the US to understand how the pandemic has impacted employee views of compensation, benefits, and work arrangements, and to discover what prospective employees now expect from their future employers.

Organizations still operating with a pre-pandemic rewards model are likely to lose out on attracting talent. 

Download our free report to get the detailed findings of our survey, what the results mean for employers, and valuable tips you can use now to attract top talent.

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Employee Expectations Survey 2021
Employee Expectations Survey 2021
Employee Expectations Survey 2021