beqom for the Manufacturing and Retail Industries

Create and foster engaging work environments by providing a global view on compensation across multiple locations and geographies.

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How does beqom solve the challenges of compensation in the manufacturing and retail industries?

  • Plan Complexity

    Our platform helps you design compensation plans specific to each unique population covered.
  • Unified Total Compensation 

    beqom enables organizations to simulate, manage and collaborate across all compensation components in one platform—ensuring global control, transparency, and compliance.
  • Auditability

    Our unified platform covers all compensation processes, enabling you to follow a full audit trail from start to finish.
  • Analytics and Reporting

    From data to insights, beqom provides consistent real time reporting, accurate financial accruals, and global compensation statements.
  • Rule-Based Engine

    beqom’s AI-driven rules engine offers the ability to calculate and simulate on all current and forecasted compensation data.
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“beqom is a solution that will help us to move to the front lines of where compensation is going, providing us with flexibility, agility, and the ability for HR to control our own destiny.”

Senior Manager of Compensation and Data Analytics, US-based retail chain

Trusted by global manufacturing and retail organizations


Industry Case Study

Most manufacturing and retail organizations face the challenge of attracting and retaining highly skilled workers. Implementing strategic compensation policies is critical to this effort. Find out how leading manufacturing and retail organizations leverage beqom to turn compensation management from administrative to strategic.

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Success Story


CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial was looking to gain tighter control and governance over their HR and sales processes worldwide. beqom's unified platform provided them the capability to centralize all compensation and sales processes in one platform for full control and transparency over the entire compensation process. 

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