beqom for the Telecom Industry

Keep up with the competitive shifts in the market by quickly implementing sophisticated compensation requirements.

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How does beqom solve the challenges of compensation in the telecommunications industry?

  • Unified Total Compensation

    beqom enables Sales, HR, Finance and other departments to simulate, manage, process, and collaborate on all compensation in one platform—ensuring global control, transparency, and compliance to all internal requirements and external regulations.
  • Flexibility

    The beqom platform is agile to market changes and business requirements, enabling you to adapt your incentives and analytics to have an edge over your competition.
  • Transparency

    With beqom, your sales force can see their compensation scenarios in real time to understand how current performance is compared to their personal objectives. As a result, you can reduce compensation disputes and increase motivation across the organization.
  • Rule-Based Engine

    Our solution helps you manage the complex earning and payment rules of the telecommunications industry, including retroactivity, exceptions, split commissions, over commissions, advances, clawbacks, regularizations, and departures in mid-year.
  • Regulatory Compliance

    We help you meet pay transparency, compliance and regulatory standards including ASC 606, CRD IV, and the SEC. Our solution centralizes all compensation related data, enabling full traceability and auditability from transaction to payment.
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“By gaining key insights from the beqom solution, Orange has reduced the amount of overpaid commissions by up to €100,000 per month.”

Eric Jacquinet, Head of Compensation & Benefits for Orange Partner Network

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Industry Case Study

Compensation offers a unique set of challenges to the telecommunications industry. As providers try to keep up with increasing customer demands in an effort to maintain market share, they face challenges in motivating and securing the loyalty of their sales force.

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Success Story



Orange selected beqom’s Sales Perfomance Management solution to optimize accuracy and calculate the right commission at the right time, avoiding any delays in commission payments for its sales force.

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