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Food & Beverage Industry Turns to beqom for Global Compensation Management

NYON, SWITZERLAND—beqom, a cloud-based total compensation software provider, has announced significant market traction in the food and beverage industry worldwide over the past twelve months. Several major soft drink companies, bottlers, and fast food outlets have chosen the beqom solution to manage their global compensation.

The food and beverage industry relies on strategic compensation packages to attract and retain top talent. beqom allows companies to adapt pay practices to local markets to be most effective in attracting talent and incentivizing the actions needed for success in different markets. 

beqom is unique in its ability to manage all forms of compensation, from standard remuneration like salaries and bonuses, to long-term incentives and sales commissions. The solution is being used in the food and beverage industry to expand across geographies, implement regionalized sales processes, improve operational efficiency, and plan effectively to manage headcount and staffing costs.

Replacing spreadsheets and integrating with SAP

“We were managing compensation in a multitude of different systems and spreadsheets, within our SAP environment,” said the Group Rewards Director at one large bottler. “We wanted to improve the efficiency of our compensation planning and delivery and turn our rewards management system into a tool for driving employee engagement and performance. beqom’s ability to manage all processes on one platform was critical, especially given its flexibility to accommodate local plans along with the standard ones.”

That company is using beqom to manage total compensation for 29,000 employees across 28 countries. The project scope includes salary review, management and local incentive programs, long-term incentives, and people cost planning as well as sales incentive compensation for 8,500 sales representatives. One critical requirement was that the solution could meet the diverse compliance and security requirements applicable in countries across Europe and Africa.

Managing salary, bonus, and sales compensation on a global scale

Another major global bottler was transforming its HR IT landscape in an effort to invest in the growth and development of its people to enhance their skills, capabilities, and efficiency. The company was implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and found that beqom was the perfect complement to handle their salary review, bonus, and sales incentives processes in a safe way while providing an engaging user experience.

Flexibility to handle the complexities of global compensation

A US-based multinational food, snack, and beverage company has been using beqom’s Total Compensation Solution for several years, having successfully completed multiple annual compensation cycles of salary merit increases, ratings, bonus processes, and long-term incentives for over 70,000 employees worldwide, and recently added sales incentives. The company was looking for a solution that would offer the configurability required for a highly diverse range of positions and strategies across 80+ countries. beqom was selected for its ability to handle the intricacies of global compensation in a large enterprise, with flexibility, security, and compliance.

The company needed a system that could meet rigid security standards, scale up to massive data volumes, integrate with its SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central HR platform, and enable it to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

“Not many tools in the industry were able to support our requirements,” according to the Director of Global HR Platforms. “Our bonus plans have complex designs, especially at the executive levels. We needed a system that could support the volume of throughput that comes through a large-scale organization.” 

Transforming compensation processes to digital efficiency

The fast food industry also uses beqom to improve efficiency of compensation management processes and reduce administrative costs, while providing a clearer picture of total rewards for employees. One burger chain uses beqom in some top global markets to automate and manage its salary review and bonus allocation processes for head office employees. “With beqom we have been able to transform our manual compensation processes into efficient digital operations that take a fraction of the time and free our HR and management employees to be more productive,” says the company’s Rewards Manager.

Preparing for the future of rewards

“One thing that's constant in this industry is change,” said one Global HR executive. “What we wanted—and we saw in beqom—was the flexibility to be agile and nimble to meet both our current and future needs.”

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