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Future of HR Digital Transformation Includes Total Compensation Management Using beqom, Says Elior Group

At the Future of HR 2019 Summit in Paris, Leila Saidji of food service industry leader Elior Group spoke about the company’s success in managing compensation and rewards for its employees worldwide using the beqom Total Compensation Solution. The annual summit, sponsored by Deloitte, explored the digital transformation of Human Resources. 

Ms. Saidji is the Compensation, Benefits and HR Performance Director at Elior Group. She described the challenges Elior faced in managing complex compensation for 132,000 employees across 15 countries. Elior Group, one of the world's leading operators in contract catering, concession catering, and support services, with annual revenues of more than €6.6 billion, has been using beqom for over three years now to manage its compensation processes. 

Ms. Saidji noted that the industry is moving more towards a digital transformation of HR functions, particularly compensation and benefits. At Elior, the driving company vision heading towards 2020 has been “Develop, Innovate, Accelerate.” The organization’s HR leadership is supporting that initiative by modernizing and digitizing their total rewards processes using beqom’s Total Compensation Management platform.

“We knew that to manage all of our processes in a single tool would allow us to save time and add reliability,” said Ms. Saidji during the Summit. “Thanks to beqom we are able to respond quickly to the unique needs of each of our businesses, and each has its own complexity.” 

The company replaced manual, spreadsheet-based processes for managing salary increases and bonus awards. Implementing beqom, they were able to make these processes much more efficient, while at the same time adding pay transparency and benchmarking compensation to the market.

To learn more about how Elior digitally transformed their compensation processes and put in place the human capital infrastructure for development, innovation, and acceleration, read its beqom customer success story.

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