Equal Pay Gap Measurement and Compliance

beqom’s total compensation software helps you identify inequities in pay, including your firm’s potential gender pay equity gap, and learn where to focus programs to remedy unfair practices.

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Kavitha Nallatamby, Platform Developer, beqom

Effectively narrow your organization’s wage gap through technology

Equality in the workplace can not only help attract talent to your company, but will help retain and motivate employees across the board. Leverage beqom’s predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and pay-for-performance reporting to build a rewards culture that applies equal benefits to your entire workforce. 

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Equal Pay Gap Measurement and Compliance dashboard

The tools you need to close the pay gap

Measure total compensation across factors like gender, age, and race to see where gaps exist. Then create reports that produce actionable intelligence on how to remedy the issues.



Find the departments, units, teams, or individuals that are creating a pay imbalance to take corrective steps.


Close the pay gap faster by using data dashboards, predictive modeling, and demographic insight to create fair, unbiased compensation models.



Use artificial intelligence-driven compensation technology to take human bias out of salary decisions and make decisions based on a variety of rules including education, experience, and certifications.



The security and integrity of your sensitive employee data is assured by the strictest protocols of Microsoft Azure® technology.



Understand your employees’ holistic rewards packages to discover gaps beyond salary, such as bonus plans, leave policies, and flexible work arrangements.



Gain employee and consumer trust by disclosing your firm’s pay practices across job titles and employee characteristics.

Gain trust and attract a diverse workforce through fair pay and transparency


of workers in the U.S. and U.K. do not know or do not believe their employers or managers take closing the gender pay gap seriously.


of U.S. workers believe that men get paid more than women at their company despite equal skill, performance, and experience.


of workers in the U.S. and U.K.would be more willing to work at a company that discloses its gender pay gap figures yearly.


in the U.S. and U.K. think there should be a national law mandating companies to disclose gender pay gap figures.

Identify pay gaps in your organization so you can work to close them

Our experts can work alongside you to help measure and address wage gaps and other unfair pay practices. Get up and running in as little as six weeks.

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  • Measure true wage gaps.

    Find gaps in base and bonus salary for positions of equal skill and tenure.

  • Find problem areas.

    Uncover specific teams or managers that may be rewarding employees unfairly so you can take corrective action.

  • Address all levels of the organization.

    Create a culture that offers equal opportunity for pay increases and career progression.

  • Examine benefits.

    Determine if workplace benefits are offered equally to all employees, regardless of age, gender, or race.

  • Support working parents.

    Ensure that parental leave and caregiver duties do not penalize working parents.

  • Analyze executive compensation.

    Address wage gaps and compensation strategy among your highest earners.