Long Term Incentives and Bonus Deferral

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Define the right mix of long term cash and equity in order to attract and retain top talent.

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beqom helps you manage your organization’s long term incentives (LTI) process while exclusively adhering to local specificities and guidelines as well as locally mandated regulatory requirements.

Long Term Incentives and Bonus Deferral

Leverage beqom to manage your LTI process. Long term plans can include any combination of instruments such as deferred cash, shares, and options. beqom can also manage the entire process of LTI eligibility, allocations, and approvals.

You can also use beqom to transform the complex exercise of deferring bonuses over multiple risk profiles, performance metrics, years and instruments into a simple process with complete reporting packages and audit trail.

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Using beqom for LTI and bonus deferral helps you:

  • Ensure governance by monitoring and tracking across bonus and share awards over multiple deferral and vesting periods.
  • Take advantage of external benchmark data to ensure you are paying competitively against industry standards.
  • Generate detailed LTI and deferred bonus reports and statements.
  • Enable employee elections related to currency or tax withholdings.
  • Provide a total compensation view for HR, finance, management, and all employees.

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Success Stories

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas

Manage executive compensation, deferred bonus and equity management processes, all within one integrated platform, ensuring that compensation processes are transparent and compliant with regulatory guidelines.

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Long Term Incentives for their top executives worldwide—acquiring an aggregated online view of their global compensation and can now run simulation for future cash income.

“The choice of beqom comes after a deep evaluation of the various market solutions. We wanted a solution capable of supporting TOTAL in its transformation towards a both global and transverse HRIS.”

Dominique Pardo, President of Administration and System Management Office at TOTAL group