At beqom, we believe in doing what's right for our customers. We believe that compensation software should not require any implementation services. This led to the launch of the beqom Saas annual fee, which eliminates any services cost given on top of our annual fee, providing our customers with a more secure implementation approach with no hidden costs.

Many new cloud based solutions do not need implementation services anymore and can be used immediately. The same practice should be true for compensation solutions supporting global complex organizations requiring total flexibility on their compensation processes.

However, this level of complexity still requires implementation services which can lead to lengthy projects with many hidden costs.

In the spirit of doing what is right for our customers, we are relieving this burden from the shoulders of our customers with the launch of beqom SaaS.

With the beqom SaaS annual fee, we no longer charge our customers for implementation services, taking away heavy implementation costs which tend to fluctuate, unpredictably, over time. In addition to creating the incentive for beqom to continue to make the product better and more evolved, this also means that beqom will be there for you every step of the way to ensure we make you and your project successful.