Incentive Compensation Management

Sales Performance Management

Use beqom to define, simulate and implement sales incentive plans, objectives, sales contests, non-cash awards, and all relevant incentive frameworks.

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Sales incentives and sales teams are always changing. Ensure these changes do not negatively impact sales performance by using beqom to implement, administer and automate your incentive compensation strategy—leading to optimal sales performance.

Incentive Compensation Management

beqom is built for the enterprise, to manage every kind of sales incentive plan, making the platform a true cross-industry solution. With beqom’s incentive compensation management capabilities, you can easily increase your sales force efficiency and shorten your go-to-market strategy in an ever-changing environment. Leverage beqom to find out what drives the performance of your sales teams, identify which areas can be improved and what data can be obtained from the platform to improve your organization’s performance.

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Using beqom for incentive compensation management helps you:

  • Define plans and calculations with full flexibility.
  • Fully integrate into your IT ecosystem.
  • Simulate and model new incentive plans or contests.
  • Roll out new sales strategies and plans.
  • Provide daily rep level communication and earning details.
  • Analyze, track and audit incentive earnings, payouts, and adjustments.

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Success Stories



TIM is now able to make modifications to its incentive compensation plans and respond in real time to competitive shifts in the market.

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Find out how Microsoft managed highly complex incentive compensation management processes with beqom’s solution.

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“We chose beqom because the capabilities of the platform were aligned with our needs. Our sales teams are now able to manage all types of commissions in the system, without the help of the IT department.”

Vincenzo Borrelli, Head of Operational Incentives, TIM