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Attracting Top Talent in a Time of Evolution

The HR space is changing. Industries are experiencing a great deal of transformation, with evolving technology, new employment regulations, and a diverse workforce.

With that in mind, beqom management spoke with Tech Tour to give their thoughts on how technological innovations are transforming traditional HR practices. As we place more emphasis on the importance of HR, a question arises of how start-ups can make sure that they are attracting and retaining the top talent? The quest for talent management is not an easy one. Watch the video below for some valuable advice.


You can read through the answers in more detail below. 

HR technology: A time of innovation

HR technology has always been there, but innovation over recent years has accelerated, providing employees and managers with an increasing array of better services.

We’re at the stage now where we can automate nearly anything, facilitating a move away from labor-intensive administrative tasks, which are prone to human error. The move to the cloud empowers business users, and the reduced dependency on IT that the cloud affords means that future business needs and requirements can be quickly addressed.  

The transformational experience will go on, and it will be exciting to see how emerging technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, will continue to shape future HR practices. As practitioners start to understand how these advancements can optimize the performance of organizations, they will further embrace this developing landscape.

Defining company culture

“To make your people happy” is our mantra at beqom and it’s something we practice internally before putting it into action with our customers.

When I’m asked about what I find the most satisfying about my job the answer is always people – it’s the source, or the cause, of everything beqom is and does.

— Fabio Ronga, CEO, beqom

Fabio is adamant that taking the time to define what your company culture is should be priority number one for any startup. It requires little effort to say that it is something that you will do but proves to be very tough in practice, especially when it competes alongside product development and all of the additional stresses of getting a business up and running. Companies that successfully define their culture will have a better understanding of the people that they want to attract. Communicating this culture helps young companies attract the top talent who may have initially been considering a position elsewhere.

By aligning employees with the company culture, and motivating them to perform highly, an engaging experience is created. It’s a very challenging role to be part of a startup, but this clear sense of direction goes a long way to both attracting and retaining the best employees that a company seeks. 

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