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Compensation Challenges in the Energy and Resources Industry

The Energy and Resources industry has endured a turbulent few years. Companies have shifted priorities to adjust to economic and geopolitical events that have led to a loss of skilled workforce. As a result, industry leaders have been looking for new ways to motivate and retain these highly skilled workers, adapting their compensation strategies to help build and maintain a robust culture.

As bottom lines recover, the industry has realized how important it is to invest in initiatives and technologies that will help meet their aims of a happy and productive workforce. By upgrading their compensation processes, they can understand the data required to continually align their compensation strategy—how they are paying their employees, and what characteristics are best related to high performance or retention.

beqom for the energy and resources industry

How can you be sure that HR strategies are doing the most to support new business models and effectively adopt industry change?

beqom can help you to adapt, and take on a more long-term performance-oriented approach to compensation management. Our cloud-based solution allows you to unify and integrate different compensation strategies that can lead to workforce efficiencies and overall cost savings while still adapting quickly when things do change.

You will gain an understanding of your workforce, with the necessary data to paint a clear picture on how competitively you are paying your employees, what characteristics are best related to high performance or high retention, and whether or not you are paying fairly across genders.

Download the Energy and Resources industry case study to see how some of the world’s leading energy and resources companies take advantage of beqom to provide transparent compensation processes and link employees more closely with organizational strategy.

Download Industry Case Study 


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