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Join beqom at the E-reward Annual Conference in London

Meet us at E-reward’s Annual Conference in Kensington, London on 3rd & 4th November, and learn why Travis Perkins selected beqom to take its compensation processes to the next level.

Paul Nelson, Group Head of Reward, will tell us how Travis Perkins plans to achieve the Perfect Bonus scheme using beqom’s Total Compensation Solution:

For us, upgrading from our old compensation system was an important technology change. Finding a partner who could manage our complexities whilst delivering an intuitive interface for our managers was critical. We felt beqom was the right company because their people clearly showed the compensation knowledge, expertise and passion we desired.

  • Consider the aspiration for the perfect bonus which exists in all our line managers’ heads but reflect on the reality that there are too many variables for this to be achievable.
  • Consider how we hold true to that aspiration by managing complexity within a framework which gives managers the bonus tools they crave in what feels to them a straightforward process.
  • This in turn leads to a discussion of our requirements for a robust engine that manages a myriad of bonus plans with thousands of line of results to deliver an intuitive tool to managers.”

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