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beqom receives best ranking from Gleanster’s SPM Gleansight Benchmark Report

Fribourg, December 2nd, 2013: beqom announced today that they have received the ‘best’ in class ranking in the Gleanster Research Gleansight benchmark report on Sales Performance Management (SPM) across two dimensions; “Overall Value” and “Features and Functionality.”

Market research firm Gleanster has recently issued their 2013 SPM Gleansight Benchmark report which investigates why sales organizations adopt SPM, what drives the effectiveness of SPM as well as how SPM solutions can help companies keep their competitive advantage.  Gleanster’s SPM benchmark report communicates to readers an unbiased and comprehensive view of key players in the SPM market based largely on real customer experience and feedback. 

The report captured feedback from beqom users across four dimensions and ranked the results against competitive SPM offerings.  beqom received top rankings across “Features and Functionality” and “Overall Value.” In addition to beqom’s top rankings, the report further validates beqom’s unique position as a true total compensation solution addressing equally sales performance management and employee performance management in order to drive the behavior of both internal employees and external channels.

Unlike competitors, beqom offers a combined HR and SPM offering which is largely unique in the market.

— Gleanster’s SPM benchmark report

While beqom’s unique total compensation offering has been driven and supported by the needs of their customers over the years, some industry analysts did not see the value in such an approach.

It is refreshing to see more and more industry analysts validating what our customers have been telling us. And it is encouraging to see knowledgeable, forward-looking analysts appreciating the true value our unique total compensation solution brings to our customers.

— Fabio Ronga, CEO, beqom


About Gleanster

Gleanster is a new breed of market research and advisory services firm. Its larger, more comprehensive “Gleansight” benchmark research reports and concise, more bite-sized “Deep Dive” analyst reports highlight the experiences of Top Performing organizations; why they invest in technology, how they overcome challenges, and how they maximize the value of their investments. Gleanster also aggregates outside thought leadership in the form of vetted white papers and research reports from third-party sources, including those from technology solution providers — who, for their part, can create and maintain their own Vendor and Solution Showcases on to help further educate the marketplace. For more information, please visit

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