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What’s It Like To Work For a Truly Global Company?

An increasing number of today’s global companies work in a decentralized way with little communication between offices. This results in a workforce that is geographically and culturally segregated and not always aligned with the organization’s objectives. A truly global company, on the other hand, tries to make decisions from a global perspective rather than from one centralized headquarters — encouraging the involvement of all employees worldwide.

Furthermore, being a truly global company means that your organization’s model and activities can be implemented anywhere. In practical terms, this means that everything is designed to work the same way whether you’re based out of Seattle, Rome or Istanbul. beqom operates as a truly global company with employees worldwide who understand its culture and path to success. 

Working at beqom

My Story

I joined beqom as a Digital Marketing Manager in October last year. Over the past few months, I’ve come to understand why this company calls itself a truly global organization and why that makes beqom unique. When I first spoke with my colleagues, I was hearing the word ‘global’ being used almost in every context and I couldn’t figure out why. ’Global mindset’, ‘global mission’, ‘global team’ and it went on... It was almost as if the word ‘global’ was part of the company’s DNA.

In today’s software industry, having an international environment and offices across the globe isn’t something unusual. I therefore initially did not understand why there seemed an exceptional emphasis on the concept of being ‘truly global’ It made me wonder how we were  different from other multinational companies with offices across the globe?

Three months later, at our annual company kickoff, I witnessed first-hand what it meant to be part of a truly global company. Every year, beqom holds an annual event for all its employees to explain the company culture and to globally align each of us with the company objectives. The kickoff is also a great opportunity to connect with colleagues at a personal level and share some light-hearted moments together.

This year’s annual company kickoff was held in Interlaken, Switzerland.

I was amazed by how multicultural this company was when listening to some anecdotes from my colleagues at the kickoff. People who come together from different backgrounds bring new information and diverse perspectives. I myself come from a different background and was therefore curious to know how some of the people at beqom ended up in an enterprise software company.

A colleague from the United States told me his inspiring story of how he used to help around with chores in his parent’s farm, which included driving a tractor when he was 8 years old. Another colleague told me that he used to be the lead singer of a local rock band. When looking at the big picture, life is indeed bigger than software.

All these fascinating stories of diversity showed me that beqom was a fun place to work -- with experienced employees setting an example in hard work and enterprising millennials driven by limitless curiosity.



Exchanging anecdotes over dinner.

Eliminating Location as a Limiting Factor

The people at beqom are not the only thing that defines us as a truly global company. The company’s culture of eliminating location as a limiting factor has allowed the organization to hire the cream of the crop from different parts of the world. Most of us at beqom benefit from working remotely, because it lets us be close to family or live in an environment that suits our lifestyle and personalities.



CEO, Fabio Ronga, telling us why beqom focuses on making its people happy first.

Finding and hiring talent from around the world is great but to make the workplace a dynamic environment, face-to-face meetings are important. I’m based out of our Paris office, over 300 miles from where my boss is located. In order for us both to be aligned and productive, we make it a point to meet at least once a month and sit around a table together and get things done. It also gives me the opportunity get in on all the informal hallway talk at HQ, which is a great source for alternative and new ideas to improve our marketing efforts. Most traditional global organizations fear they will lose control of their people if they’re allowed to work from places where they can’t be overseen. At beqom, things are different. People are, independent, willing to travel, collaborative and passionate about what they do. “To make your people happy” is our mantra at beqom and it’s something that is practiced internally before putting it into action with our customers. beqom invests heavily in relationships and that is what makes it fundamentally a truly global company.

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