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Life is Bigger Than Software: Supporting a Better Future for Homeless Children and Their Mothers

Organizations can offer a powerful platform for change, and this is the root of beqom’s social responsibility initiative; Life is Bigger Than Software. Supporting employees to make a difference, in this case, in the lives of disadvantaged children and their mothers who are made homeless in Munich.

Even in a wealthy city like Munich, there are mothers who, for various reasons, suddenly find themselves on the street with their children. In this situation, it is hardly possible for those affected to gain a foothold in society on their own.

HORIZONT was founded by the actress Jutta Speidel in 1997 to make a difference in the lives of these women and children. Since then they have been able to successfully support over 2,300 formerly homeless people on their way to a self-determined life. However, as there are currently 2,000 homeless children in Munich, HORIZONT is committed to providing the assistance needed for those families in need.

HORIZONT relies on donations to support the foundation, with money received going toward the reception and care of mothers without a permanent residence, together with their children.


Some of the measures that donations go to:

  • Temporary homing
  • Food and clothing
  • Crisis intervention
  • Childcare
  • Therapy for women and children
  • Homework supervision and tutoring

beqom employee Michael Mors is going to lace up his running shoes for the Munich charity Marathon, raising money for HORIZONT along the route. Running around the city that is so close to the heart of the charity will be a special moment for Michael, and will make those many kilometers easier to run.

“Every child has the fundamental right to food, shelter, love, care, education, and joy in order to get a chance in life. I was lucky in life and want to give something back for some of the weakest in society: homeless children and their mothers.”

– Michael Mors, beqom General Manager DACH

To support the incredible work that HORIZONT does, and give Michael some words of encouragement for his run, click the link below. Your contribution means a lot and will go towards changing lives.

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