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Make Pay Transparency Your 2019 Resolution

Following the recent release of beqom’s Compensation and Culture report, which surveyed 1,200 workers in the US about their attitudes toward compensation and benefits in the workplace, I spoke to HR Daily Advisor about the report’s key findings and what they mean for HR leaders.

It’s no surprise that today’s workforce is increasingly open about discussing salary and benefits with friends, co-workers, and even internet strangers, but what may be surprising is employees’ reluctance to speak about salary with their own managers.

Read the full story in HR Daily Advisor to learn more about the three approaches I suggest businesses adopt to meet employees’ expectations in 2019 and beyond:

  1. Break the ice by hiring Gen Z employees, who are more likely to discuss salary
  2. Give employees a clear line between performance and pay
  3. Personalize benefits by demographics to create enticing packages and retain talent 

For the full findings of our study, including more on workers’ views of executive compensation, discrimination in pay, and employer communication, download our Compensation and Culture report.

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