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Our People: The Reason Behind the beqom Brand Refresh

At beqom, our most important asset is our people. Over the years we’ve created a unique culture of employees who have worked extremely hard to make beqom a success while still having fun along the way. Employee happiness belongs at the core of beqom. It’s the number one thing that is driving our culture, and it forms the foundations of our brand refresh.

We started with our mission—to make your people happy—when initially planning the new website. beqom drives the happiness of employees at the world’s largest organizations with our cloud-based Total Compensation solution. If you ask, why should employees happiness matter? To us it’s clear. Because employee happiness is the best driver for success.  

Taking that on board, we looked at all of beqom’s successes to date and found a pattern: In every one of our customer wins, it was not just product capability and implementation success that made the difference, it was also our people.

“When I'm asked about what I find the most satisfying about my job, the answer is always the people – It's the source, or the cause, of everything beqom is and does.”

 – Fabio Ronga, CEO at beqom

Our employees are critical to our success. They form the team that drives value to global industry leaders who look to upgrade their compensation processes beyond the capabilities of their existing HCM/SPM systems. To us it seemed natural to utilize our greatest asset—our employees—to better align our brand with our culture.

This new identity reinforces our mission, placing beqom employees at the front and center of our branded communications. While our employees are at the core or our updated brand, our new website is also now better positioned to provide more in-depth content, in line with the expectations of our prospects and customers. 

beqom total compensation management screenshot

“At beqom we’ve made a conscious effort to put our employees first, developing a company culture that attracts top talent. We are now ideally positioned to let every leader of the world’s largest companies know that the right compensation management solution not only drives company performance—it promotes the happiness of their people.”

 – Fabio Ronga, CEO at beqom

Evolving the brand identity with beqom employees at the core has delivered us a website that feels more personal than ever. Available as of today, the new design is accompanied by an exclusive set of resources ready to educate global corporate leaders on the value of strategic compensation.



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