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This is beqom: Why We Run

The benefits of running are not just physical; they also transfer into the workplace. Cognitive benefits such as improved concentration, sharper memory, faster learning, prolonged mental stamina, enhanced creativity, and lower stress all come packaged up in our weekly calendar invite to join the beqom Monday running club.

Our Monday evening run places emphasis on the group, with the social element making exercise more fun. By taking time out of the working day to interact with colleagues across job titles and hierarchies, we’re able to not only reap the physical benefits of exercising but also hit refresh on our mental firepower. Of course, having fun also increases the chances that we’ll continue to lace up the shoes for the running club each week.

Once a year the team has an opportunity to bring together all of the training, at the Trophee de Marchissy. beqom is proud to have a history of sponsoring this race, that is held at the start of Autumn each year close to our Nyon headquarters.

201810061 Despite the obvious benefits that supporting a race brings to a local region, beqom CEO Fabio Ronga pinpointed the human element for why beqom supports such an event:

“At beqom, our first priority is our employees. We are always on the lookout for local talent, and events like this attract individuals that are a great cultural match for beqom. It’s an effective way to establish our brand identity in the local area, create awareness amongst potential candidates, while also being a lot of fun for our employees.”

It’s not just running though. Our employees have a wide-ranging set of passions that make them happy, and we’ve incorporated some of these into our latest video. As part of our brand refresh, we’ve evolved the brand identity with beqom employees at the core, and this video shows the beqom team more personally than ever.

As Fabio said, at beqom, our first priority is our employees. If you are passionate, fun, and excited by the challenge of working in a global environment, consider joining our team.

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