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Top Shifts in Total Compensation and Sales Performance Management for 2018

As the year draws to a close, we look forward keeping you informed on what 2019 holds for total compensation and sales performance management. But before the curtain comes down on 2018, let’s think back to some of the year’s highlights.

1. Five benefits of applying people analytics to compensation

From protecting the bottom line to eliminating guesswork from your decision-making, this blog explains the value of drilling down into data to make better people decisions—because it is, after all, your people who drive the success of your company.

2. How Microsoft aligns 30,000 sellers with the business strategy

Faced with a more competitive, fast-paced marketplace, Microsoft transitioned its corporate strategy away from that of an on-premise business to a cloud business. The team knew that to allow the sellers to focus on the cloud business, they had to incentivize them in a manner that would support this focus. In this video interview, key compensation players at Microsoft give a fascinating insight into how one of the world’s most recognizable names creates incentive compensation plans that are relevant for the business worldwide.

3. Using the UK gender pay gap report to be truly efficient in fair pay

Here, we examine the data from the first UK Gender Pay Gap Report and the commitment shown by our customers on how they intend to close the pay gap further and make quicker advances to tackle inequality in the workplace.

4. Tips for incentivizing sales teams on recurring revenue contracts

The popularity of subscription-based revenue models brings a challenge: how do you compensate the sales reps who sell these contracts? And what about the rest of the team, whose task it is to fulfill and support contracts over the life of the customer relationship?

5. Financial services: Master your compensation cycle with cloud-based technology

Financial services institutions have unique challenges in planning and executing their HR compensation processes. With costs related to compensation totaling between 70 and 90% of their operating expenses, firms are looking to technology to improve efficiency while supporting regulatory compliance.

6. Increase salesforce engagement and motivation with a unified approach to SPM

Managing sales quotas, data on defined territories, crediting processes, incentive compensation models, and overall sales rep performance can be a demanding job. This blog offers an effective way of streamlining these tasks to give your sales personnel direct and real-time access on how they are performing against their goals.

7. In compensation management, simple human error can cost your business millions

Did you hear about the Australian worker who was paid more than 100 times his normal salary because human error placed a decimal point in the wrong place? This blog faces up to the negative consequences of human errors in compensation management.

8. What are the unique challenges that global organizations face in planning and executing compensation processes?

When it comes to compensating a globally dispersed workforce, organizations have to manage many challenges. We spoke with Peter Devlin, Head of Total Rewards at Deloitte Germany, to hear what he thinks any company that is doing international compensation planning needs to consider.

9. Our people: The reason behind the beqom brand refresh

This last one is personal. Earlier this year, we updated our brand to reflect our most important asset: our people. We’ve always said that employee happiness belongs at the core of beqom, and evolving the brand identity with this philosophy has delivered a brand experience that feels more personal than ever.

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