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Total Compensation Management on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

The beqom Total Compensation Solution leverages the Microsoft Azure platform to unify all HR (HCM) and Sales (SPM) compensation & performance processes in a single platform. Total Compensation Management on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform is not a migration from an on-premise solution to a private or public cloud. We built the solution from scratch partnering & designing directly with Microsoft Azure, the largest global public Cloud with over 20 global data centers and growing, to deliver a solution optimized for PAAS on the public Cloud and mobile. This ensures our global customers benefit from the latest Cloud infrastructure technologies, robust platform capabilities like reporting, analytics & machine learning, and continual investments in security, data residency, data protection, encryption, compliance, scalability, and high availability.

By relying on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, beqom focused on applying our expertise in compensation and created a feature-rich solution that could unify global compensation & performance, which is something still unique in the market today. At the heart of our solution is our Adaptable Compensation Cloud. Unlike other SaaS products which have a one size fits all approach, our Adaptable Compensation Cloud provides all the economies of scale of SaaS and allows individual customers to adapt the data model to meet their exact compensation requirements. This affords them the maximum flexibility to adapt to any data source, address all compensation requirements without compromise, and handle any rule or compensation plan complexity, to address both HR and Sales compensation in a single solution.

Download our co-branded datasheet to find out how beqom takes full advantage of the Azure cloud platform to scale, perform, and help meet global compensation compliance requirements:

Download Our Co-Branded Datasheet

Image source: Courtesy of Microsoft

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