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beqom continues to put the customer first with the adoption of a new SaaS-based delivery model

beqom announced today it has adopted a new solution delivery model. beqom’s new model was developed on beqom’s promise of always putting the customer first. With the success of each customer a priority, beqom’s new model will ensure an easier, predictable and safer adoption of the beqom compensation solution by its customers.

The model works through an extension of the SaaS concept designed to cover everything the customer needs in order to ensure success with the beqom platform: including the deployment and operation of the platform, which includes application consulting and maintenance services.

beqom’s customers will receive infrastructure, software, support, implementation services and application maintenance for one fixed annual fee. As a result, customers will have more control over their project, maintenance and support as well as long-term costs.

We see many services moving towards a one all inclusive annual fee. Think about car sharing, a service that is booming in many regions across the world. With a fee per minute, you pick up a car and you leave it when and where you want. You do not care about maintenance, fuel, insurance, parking cost, and the financing of the car. You simply pay a time-based fee. Well, beqom is now able to provide to its customers such a new model. This new model will make the adoption of the beqom solution easier, predictable and safer for our customers.

—Didier Katz, Head of Customer Success at beqom

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