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Three Ways to Use Predictive Analytics for Talent Management

From talent acquisition to performance management, HR departments are trusted with some of the most vital functions in an organization. When it comes to HR decision making, organizations want to make sure that there is no guesswork involved and are increasingly turning to predictive analytics to make data-backed decisions about the future. 

Tanya Jansen, Chief Marketing Officer at beqom, explained to three ways that HR can take advantage of these strategic insights to help with employee engagement amongst high-performing talent. From an increase in transparency to personalized rewards, there’s a lot of ways to empower your employees to determine their overall success within a company.

“The problem is, HR leaders and managers typically rely on guesswork to assess employee happiness. Lacking data-driven insights, such surface-level prognoses are often inaccurate, resulting in high attrition rates and higher turnover costs — about $15,000 per employee in the US.”

– Tanya Jansen, CMO, beqom

Retention, loyalty, and motivation are business objectives that many organizations strive for. Read the article to understand that the happiness of your people—getting to the heart of what matters most to them—goes a long way in helping get the business results that you want. 

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