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Unleash London: Our Three Takeaways

How can we make sure we’re effectively dealing with gender pay gap, racial equality, or ageism in the workforce? How are the ways that people interact with applications in their personal life, disrupting the employee experience at work? What innovation is happening in compensation and reward? These were some of the questions heard at Unleash conference and expo last week. Held at ExCel in London, the event brought HR practitioners from across Europe to discuss the future of work and technology.

Our Three Takeaways:

Unconscious Bias

Racial equality and the gender debate are complex issues, but in 2018 organizations should be able to make quicker advances when it comes to tackling them. What if there was another force—something you’ve been exposed to throughout your lives—that affects the way you form opinions in regards to gender, race, or age?

Kristen Pressner, Global HR Executive at Roche, spoke of the need to reboot your brain to banish unconscious bias. It’s holding back companies, preventing them from seeing and rewarding their most talented people. At a time of massive organizational leadership change, HR has the opportunity to be a business leader. But if you still consider the role of a man to be that of taking charge, and a woman to be that of taking care, then it shows that unconscious bias is in real danger of stalling HR progression.

Disrupting the Employee Experience

All-encompassing HR suites are designed to keep the employee in a single system, but the mass adoption of cloud-based technology across both personal and professional lives has allowed for a shift in the technology that is delivering the experience to the employee. Much like in daily lives—where people are multitasking across devices, choosing the best application for each task—niche players are appearing in the HR landscape, solving organizational needs that can’t be satisfied by a HR suite. This shift towards best of breed solutions is not only helping employees; it is starting to shape the employee experience.

The Future of HR Tech

How will the future of HR tech face some of the biggest concerns that organizations face—attracting and retaining the best candidates? There seemed to be an understanding at Unleash London that one size really doesn’t fit all. By embracing the move towards best of breed solutions, organizations can produce fantastic packages capable of retaining the top talent that they seek. Any limitations that may hinder the ability to meet requirements of the modern workforce are going to cause compromises that they simply cannot control.

Should people be paid on their future potential, not past performance? beqom’s Ross Elmsly met up with Alan Walker from #ChatTalent, to discuss innovation in compensation and reward:

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