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beqom Labs Opens Second Office in Nyon to Support Accelerated Growth

beqom today announced the opening of a second beqom Labs office*. Located near the company’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, the new workplace will act as an innovation hub to support beqom’s accelerated growth. About thirty tech experts and engineers will be working at the new office.

With research and innovation as a priority, the teams at beqom Labs will ensure further expansion of the capabilities of beqom’s product suite. They will also focus on improving user experience, automation, uptime, infrastructure technologies, and enterprise application integration. Some of the initial work from these teams has already proved to reduce delivery time of project implementation from months to weeks.

“beqom Labs is an investment in beqom’s technology, product, infrastructure and security. The programs run at beqom Labs will help us identify and better understand the current and future requirements of our clients. To keep up with our growing list of global customers, we must continue to innovate — not only with our product and platform, but also when dealing with aspects such as security and compliance.”

— Nurettin Sendogan, Chief Technology Officer, beqom.

*The  first beqom Labs was opened in 2013 in Redmond, Washington, near the campus of Microsoft.

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