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beqom: One of the World’s Largest Compensation Focused Technology Teams

beqom, the provider of a cloud-based total compensation solution, announced today that after a recent round of hiring they are positioned to become one of the largest compensation focused technology teams in the world.

By focusing exclusively on managing HR and Sales compensation for the world’s largest organizations, beqom fills a gap in the market not addressed by any software provider. A $35 million investment from Goldman Sachs has not only validated this market opportunity, but enabled beqom to grow faster to address this market.  As a result of this investment and recent acceleration, beqom is now positioned as one of the largest comp tech teams in the world. This recent hiring round adds to an already existing team of 150 experts who drive value to global industry leaders unable to effectively manage compensation with their existing HCM/SPM systems.

Compensation represents the most significant operating cost of many organizations, and those who view it as strategic understand the value of having a best of breed solution. beqom’s solution is defined by the industry-leading expertise needed to address the requirements and complexities that HR and Sales suites are not able to meet. beqom has proven that strategic organizations are willing to invest in a top tier compensation solution in order to fill the uncompromisable gaps in their existing HR and Sales solutions.

Supporting over 120 customers, beqom employees have amassed an unprecedented amount of HR and Sales compensation knowledge, understanding how the world’s leading organizations leverage compensation management as not just an administrative task but as a strategic differentiator. This enables them to drive the ROI of their investment up to the board level, with the ability to provide forecasts and reports that are exclusive to compensation.  

This expertise translates directly into beqom’s product offering, managed out of beqom’s innovation hubs located in the US and Switzerland. beqom’s R&D center is constantly evolving the technology based on value-added customer and market trends. This approach ensures that beqom supports the future needs of customers as well as equips them with the latest innovative technology, enabling a more strategic approach to compensation management.

While beqom continues to scale focusing on attracting leading compensation and technology experts, their employees will continue to be their number one priority.

“At beqom we’ve made a conscious effort to put our employees first, developing a company culture that attracts top talent. We are now ideally positioned to let every leader of the world’s largest companies know that the right compensation management solution not only drives company performance—it promotes the happiness of their people.” 

— Fabio Ronga, CEO, beqom

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