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Face-to-Face with Managing Rewards

Would you like to discover what leading companies are doing to deliver world-class rewards strategies? Want to hear from your peers and the top industry experts in performance and rewards? Looking to network with colleagues who are facing the same challenges as you? Live events are back, and there is no better venue to immerse yourself in the latest strategies, trends, and solutions in compensation and rewards. Join beqom at the top events in the industry worldwide.

Top Compensation & Rewards events in 2022

As companies look to address new challenges in performance and rewards in 2022 and beyond, beqom is your resource for information and guidance. We will be present at the top events for compensation and rewards professionals around the world, to answer your questions, demonstrate groundbreaking solutions, and help you meet your challenges with innovation and efficiency.

Visit our Events page for any updates throughout the year, and check the event websites for any changes.

September 13-16, 2022, HR Technology Conference & Expo (Las Vegas, USA)—HR Tech Conference and Exposition is the industry’s leading independent event for a quarter of a century. HR Tech delivers an unrivaled cutting-edge agenda that benefits HR and IT professionals alike. The 2022 edition of the annual event will deliver an inspiring array of information, networking opportunities, and potential partners and vendors. Here, you’ll gain the insight needed to make critical HR system decisions that will fuel your business while supporting your organization’s unique needs now and in the future. Event info  Meet with beqom

September 13-14, 2022, ENG's 21st Annual Executive Compensation & Benefits Summit (Brussels, Belgium)—The ENG's 21st Annual Executive Compensation & Benefits Summit is set to be an invigorating two-day event designed to address today's challenges in rewards, employee experience, performance management, employee well-being, compensation strategies, and much more. This year's theme will focus on tackling the full range of value expectations of modern executives. You'll learn about the latest trends and innovations in compensation and benefits so you can motivate and engage your workforce for profitability and business growth. Event info  Meet with beqom

September 22, 2022, e-reward Sales Compensation Summit 2022 (London, UK)—E-reward is Europe's biggest Sales Compensation conference. With a goal of improving the knowledge and efficiency of your organization's entire reward team, the symposium will highlight the latest compensation strategies, practices, and technologies to ensure a true business advantage. Incentive plans for sales teams can quickly become dated, misaligned and ineffective. Hear new insights into leading-edge practices from the world’s leading expert in sales compensation solutions. Network with other leading practitioners and earn the latest innovations in sales compensation automation solutions.  Event info  Meet with beqom

October 12-13, 2022, Unleash World 2022 (Paris, France)—Unleash World has been called the most influential HR conference and exhibition in the world, and will showcase the next wave of breakthrough technologies and global innovators changing the future of work. A key event for senior HR technology buyers, Unleash features the industry’s top suppliers and startups demonstrating the next wave of tech evolution, along with visionary speakers and analysts. UNLEASH has championed HR excellence and disruption since 2011 and has become the industry standard driving progress in human capital management. Event info Meet with beqom

October 16-18, 2022, HR Leadership Executive Summit (Atlanta, USA)—Opal Group's HR Leadership Executive Summit is an intimate, invitation-only gathering of C-Suite Executives and Senior Decision Makers from Fortune 1000 firms and leading enterprise organizations. The 3-day event aims to foster new business relationships and opportunities to benchmark with true peers while focusing on key business challenges. In this enlightening discussion, the panel will share different perspectives and best practices for employee engagement and culture, employee satisfaction, and redesigning a total rewards strategy to attract new talent and retain top talent.  Event info  Meet with beqom

November 3-4, 2022, SARA Conference 2022 (Johannesburg, South Africa)—The SARA 2022 Annual Conference will be held at the Indaba Hotel in Johannesburg. There will also be an online version of the event for those who are unable to travel to the venue. This year's live conference will mark the 25th edition of SARA and provides the ideal opportunity to reconnect in person, network, and share knowledge within the South African Rewards community. As a platinum sponsor, beqom will show what leading companies are doing to deliver world-class rewards strategies despite limitations in HRIS software suites. Event info  Meet with beqom

November 6-8, 2022, CHRO Exchange Miami (Miami, USA)—The CHRO Exchange is a unique, invitation-only meeting driven by pre-scheduled one-on-one private consultations between pre-qualified solution providers and senior decision-makers. Thought provoking conference sessions, executive roundtables, and innovative networking opportunities round out the agenda, resulting in three days of focused, structured business development and information exchange. The Exchange provides a specialized experience featuring customized face-to-face business meetings. Event info  Meet with beqom

November 24, 2022, REBA Future Forum (London, UK)—Businesses are changing what they do and how they do it at an ever-increasing scale and pace (digitization, automation, globalization, etc.) so they need new skills, new structures, leadership, etc. In order to attract the talent they need and engage staff through change there needs to have an attractive EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and the right culture. That means reimagining their pay and benefits to attract, engage and retain the talent they need. The REBA Future Forum has been designed to help HR and reward and benefit leaders navigate this complex and challenging environment. Event info  Meet with beqom

See you there!

If you want to grow and thrive professionally, and move yourself and your company to the next level, there is no better way to do it than to participate in events and in the community of thinkers and practitioners in your field.

Whether in a virtual setting or an in-person event, we look forward to meeting you and helping you solve your compensation and digital transformation challenges! We are committed to helping you find the right technology to help you adapt to a changing world. 

Join us at an event booth to see how a next-generation Total Compensation & Rewards solution can transform your rewards processes. But you don’t need to wait ... contact beqom today to speak to one of our compensation experts.

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