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beqom Announces First 2017 Product Release – Continuing Innovation and Leadership in Total Compensation

beqom, a Total Compensation Cloud Solution provider, announces the latest of its series of 2017 product releases. This latest release focuses on giving more control and visibility to comp admins and line managers.  This latest product release includes capabilities that ensure:

  • Transparency and trust in SPM processes that pay sales teams accurately
  • Compensation experts and managers can make more informed decisions
  • Streamlined alignment of compensation to the organization's changing objectives

Managing compensation strategically is critical for compensation experts in both Sales and HR. This latest release enhances capabilities while improving UX in both SPM and HR compensation.

Key capabilities and enhancements of this release include:

High volume data processing 

  • Multidimensional territory management, so sales operations can manage territories matching their exact requirements
  • Top-down/bottom-up quota and objective management, to improve quota accuracy and motivate sales with both incentive- and attainment-based rewards
  • High volume crediting with granular control, to improve accuracy and performance and reduce disputes through full sales transaction transparency

Advanced reporting, analysis, and benchmarking

  • End-user driven, ad hoc, and advanced reporting capabilities, to provide a clear and transparent view of all compensation, to everyone
  • Packaged templates focused on measuring pay equality, sales performance effectiveness, and compensation fairness

Enhanced usability, management, and administration of compensation

  • Wizard-driven scenario management, for greater plan accuracy, automation, and shortened time from earnings to payment
  • Enhanced security and compliance, to ensure secure, compliant, transparent, and auditable compensation processes

“This latest release continues to streamline the management of compensation and performance related processes, making sure that comp management continues to lie directly in the hands of the compensation experts no matter how rigorous the process. As a result, our customers can move away from approaching compensation management as an administrative process and treat it more as a strategic process instead, to better drive engagement, motivation, and retention.”

— Tanya Jansen, Head of Marketing, beqom

The latest version of beqom’s Total Compensation Solution is available today.

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