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beqom Announces Fast Adoption of Its True Multi-Tenant Compensation Solution for the Public Cloud

Fribourg, January 13th, 2014: beqom announced today that both new and existing customers are rapidly adopting beqom’s truly multi-tenant public cloud solution.

beqom is one of the few, if not the only, total compensation application to leverage a true multi-tenant public cloud deployment on Microsoft Azure, which is considered one of the most advanced and flexible cloud technology platforms on the market.

Customers leveraging beqom’s cloud benefit from continuous innovation and best practices and can also take advantage of beqom’s fast growing user community.  Thanks to beqom’s true multi-tenant approach, customers do not need to manage on-premise databases or infrastructure nor product updates, versions or upgrades; collectively benefiting from evolving shared code.

beqom’s customer base consists of complex organizations requiring their own data model and specifications. One of beqom’s main cloud innovations is to allow each of its customers to have their specific data model in a multi-tenant environment.

As a result, beqom’s customers are benefiting from a high level of flexibility, faster release cycles, zero maintenance efforts on database and application code level and a maximum level of data privacy and security.

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