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Interview: Why beqom is a Natural Fit to Partner with Leading Consultancy & SI Firms

François D'Haegeleer joins beqom as part of the company’s growth acceleration program. He will help define and build the company’s strategic partner ecosystem on a global scale.

How Is Your Arrival at beqom Going to Help the Company Develop Its Business Internationally?

A growing number of global companies are undergoing strategic digital transformation projects, redefining and automating their total compensation policies and processes. This represents a multi-billion-dollar business opportunity for Compensation and Performance Management Software and associated service delivery firms.

As Head of Business Development, I will, with my team, identify and onboard the leading global or regional services firms, that are advising and influencing Global 5000 companies on how to implement their HR and Sales Compensation strategies as part of their digital transformation journey. By strengthening partnerships with these global and regional services, consultancy experts, BPOs and IT infrastructure service providers, we will have access to key decision makers and raise awareness for beqom, faster and earlier in the sales cycle.

What Are Your Strategic Goals for beqom?

As the only Total Compensation Solution that covers the full spectrum of processes adapted for global and fast-changing environments, beqom is a natural fit to partner with leading consultancy & SI firms. In addition to recommending best practices in strategy and execution, these firms will also implement those, using state-of-the-art Compensation Platform Technology for their customers. We bring these partners an opportunity to position themselves as innovators, leaders and deliver consultancy, implementation and integration services.

Why Did You Choose to Join beqom?

Four factors led me to select beqom as my next adventure:

  1. A growing market in compensation software with beqom uniquely positioned in it.
  2. beqom’s outstanding customer references and track record.
  3. The experienced leadership team, the company values and the “go-getter” attitude.
  4. The challenge and opportunity to leverage over 20 years of international experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

Given Your Experience in Both the European and American Software Market, What Are the Significant Differences in the Approaches Used for Indirect Sales Channels?

It is a bit early to respond to this question in detail as we are still assessing the situation as we speak. Although, the more homogeneous US market, where the largest global consultancy and BPO firms are headquartered, might provide quicker access to potential customers once partnerships are established.

Business development is often fragmented in the European environment due to language and cultural barriers. This means additional work and resources are required when meeting with partners and customers from different countries in Europe (France, Germany, UK, etc.).

How Will Your Previous Experience Help You Fit Into This Role at beqom?

Having worked for the IT services industry in the past, my familiarity with co-selling and automation software dates back to before HR and Sales began adopting the technology. A comprehensive software technology at the heart of an organization’s operational processes can lead to major contract wins. In my previous job, I helped get our technology used as a key component of IT outsourcing service platforms.  As a result, the product became a default part of most RFPs and consulting projects for very large companies that outsourced the management of their IT infrastructure to global service firms.

What’s Your Motto in Life?

Life is too short to be small.

— Benjamin Disraeli

We need to take risks sometimes and ‘act boldly, and express oneself with frankness and with fervor.’ I use this quote as my motto and try to carry it over to the workplace every day.

What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?

I travel with my family and like learning about new cultures. I’m also an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy biking, mountain sports, and being on or under water. And this was a driver to moving to Switzerland with my family five years ago.

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