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Partners, Dealers, Agents: make them happy!

Do you manage sales incentives or sales commissioning for a large and complex Sales Network? If so, this beqom topic of the month is for you.

Channel Management 

If you are responsible for compensating a Sales Network – direct or indirect, probably organized in different Sales Channels – beqom’s sales incentive software platform can help you.

You probably face at least one of the following challenges:

Time Is Tight

commissioning a multi-channel network is a complex and extensive process that needs to be handled flawlessly on a regular basis. You simply cannot be late in paying commissions to your dealers, agencies, or agents: they are your face to the customer, so it’s important that they are happy.

Mistakes Are Not an Option

Each single Sales Commission has to be accurate to the cent and fully linked to the underlying Sales performance. Think for a second: what if you check your pay statement and find an error? You will never trust your payroll again, and will check it every time.

Tomorrow Please

When your Head of Marketing or Sales asks you to simulate and implement a new Sales incentive schema, it has to be done tomorrow, if not today: there is always a new product to launch or a competitor that is doing something smarter.

On Budget

You may have designed the best sales compensation plan in the world, but you still will be expected to keep within a budget for the   commissions you pay. Adapting a Sales Commission schema to an assigned budget can require all your patience.

beqom Can Help You

beqom® is a Sales Incentive and compensation software platform. You can use our solution to manage Sales Incentives, Sales Bonus, Non Cash rewards, or Sales contests, regardless of whether you need to reward partners, dealers, agents, agencies, or your own direct sales force.

Let’s go back to the 4 challenges:

  • Why on time with beqom: our software platform will manage the commissioning process end to end: from schema design to simulation, from communication to final payout calculation. One solution, one repository, “one language”, will allow you to save time.
  • Why accuracy:  our sales incentive management solution is able to link each single sales transaction to the applicable commission schema and to the final commission payout. You, as well as your partners, will be able to surf into your data to check the accuracy of your calculations.
  • Why not today: when you need to implement a new incentive schema beqom will help you with its unmatched schema design capabilities. With an easy drag and drop interface you will be able to create new channels, new incentive rules, and new sales targets, and communicate them easily to the field. Yes, it may take only one day.
  • Why on budget: upon creating a new Sales Incentive plan, beqom® simulation features will help you to calculate the projected budget impact and required accruals. You can run what-if scenarios to simulate the expected results from changing sales targets, or look at the impact of different forecast versions.   An easy graphical dashboard approach will give you the big picture of where you are versus your budget.

Reality check

Did you know that?

The largest software manufacturer in the US is using beqom® for Sales Incentives Management. Four of the top ten telco companies in Europe are using the beqom® Sales Incentive platform. More than 35 000 dealers, agents, agencies, and sales executives are compensated with beqom®.

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