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The Changing Landscape in Rewards and Talent Management

Raconteur, in association with The Times, has published The Talent Management special report. With thought-provoking opinions from journalists and commentary from the Industry’s business leaders, this 20-page report explores a range of topical issues.

Talent Management Highlights:

Racial Equality

With just six percent of UK managers originating from black and minority ethnic groups, it’s time to acknowledge the “black ceiling.” Racial equality looks set to be the biggest issue in the workplace in 2018. By learning what they can from the progress of the gender debate, it should be possible for organizations to make far quicker advances when it comes to tackling the complex issues regarding race.

Employee Engagement

Do firms need a director of happiness? As more companies bring in initiatives to encourage employee engagement and workplace wellbeing—ranging from flexible working to mental health support and financial and physical rewards for performance—research suggests that the championing of workplace wellbeing not only helps retain employees but also boosts the bottom line.

Employee Productivity

Should top performing employees be rewarded with higher pay? With 70 percent of UK employers using market rates to determine base salaries, is it time to consider the “value-add of individuals,” allowing pay to follow those that give the most return?

Compensation – The Missing Piece in HR Suites

As many organizations undertake HR transformation initiatives, they are starting to realize the benefits of moving to a cloud-based HR platform. Regardless of the vendor, a reliance on the HR platform for sophisticated compensation has proven to be too restrictive. To ensure that rewards and compensation are managed effectively, and without any restrictions, a dedicated compensation solution is required. 

Read the report here

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