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The Vision You Sell to Your Customers and the Reality of What They Get

When Stryker was going through the process of selecting a new compensation management solution, the primary driver was their vision to move compensation away from being an administrative process and more towards a strategic tool that could be leveraged internally to form strategic partnerships and externally to keep compensation competitive against the market.

Stryker's strategic vision coincides with one of the main reasons we created this company – we believed compensation could be and should be viewed as a strategic differentiator, not just an administrative process. This was the promise we made to Stryker, that our company and product would help them to achieve their strategic vision.

In reality, many promises made by software companies during the selling cycle go undelivered.  Many of the prospects I see have been disillusioned by previous software implementations – that promised to deliver on a vision of some sort with the reality being a bleak and painful version of that once promised vision.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a compensation and benefits forum where Stryker was speaking about the results of their beqom implementation. At the end of the presentation I thought, “wow, it really is inspiring to hear our customers speak about how we delivered on the vision that we promised we would.” To put it bluntly, it was not just a load of BS to get a new customer on-board.

So, thank you Stryker for having the vision of transforming compensation away from the administrative and into the strategic, believing us when we sold you that our company and software would help you to achieve this vision and for sharing your story with others who believe in this vision for their own company.  Lastly, thank you to my beqom colleagues for staying true to our values of doing what is right for our customers and delivering on what was promised.

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