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Using AI to Break the Compensation Equation

Nowhere is the customer experience more vital to the long-term success of a business than in retail. This is particularly evident as retailers work to ensure that brick-and-mortar shopping experiences are as seamless and personalized as those offered by their digital counterparts.

In this evolutionary period, retailers must recognize that the employee experience is at the heart of the customer experience. Whether you are trying to draw shoppers into physical stores, increase traffic to your online site, or boost downloads for your brand's mobile app, the redesign of the employee experience requires an approach that is just as data-driven as the CX approach.

For retailers, this means taking a critical look at how sales associates are recognized and rewarded, regardless of where a sale is made -- in store or online. In other words, it is crucial to apply the same digital tools used to ensure seamlessness across omni-digital shopping experiences to tracking omni-digital sales activity, and to appropriately credit in-store employees for their work to close a customer sale, even if it was made online at a later time or date.

Tanya Jansen, CMO of beqom, gave her thoughts to CRM Buyer on how retailers can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to break the compensation equation. 

The article examines three ways that retailers can take advantage of tools like AI, predictive analysis, and more, to rethink an employee experience that fosters loyalty and boosts happiness. 

  • Level the paying field — easily track the progression of a sale and ensure that employees are accurately rewarded for their contributions.
  • Build trust with transparency — ensure bias is eliminated from the compensation equation.
  • Personalize compensation packages — determine what kind of compensation would best suit their financial needs and long-term goals.

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